Developing Your Digital Strategy August 27, 2015

In recent years, breaking free from the background realms of strategic management as a whole, digital strategy has firmly taken a front-line position and dominated the vast majority of enterprise focused conversation. Long gone are the days when a digital strategy operated as little more than a three page website, and remote email access facilitated by a fleet of Blackberries that your staff stare at blankly over the weekend. 

Now to be in any way memorable and make your mark it appears as though you must develop a kaleidoscope of projects including ways to collaborate online, accommodate a swathe of ‘digitised consumers’ and deploy a meaningful content strategy for your many online presences. But where do you begin?

Establishing a full-bodied digital initiative that encompasses everything from customer intelligence, search engine optimisation and market exploration may sound like an undertaking of epic proportions, and it can be if your procedures are overly complicated and unmanaged. However, by following a streamlined waterfall of steps from information discovery, to data verification, measurement and finally evaluation, you could simplify and improve your organisation’s prospects.

Of course there are many successful company’s the world over that have long put a robust digital programme at the fore, and subsequently continue to make ground where others are still scratching their heads. So what do these successful companies all have in common? They know who they are, what they want and what they are prepared to do to get it.

There’s a confusing amass of 'Digital Strategy – How to' guides out there, many of which skip right ahead to high-level implementation and fail to give a firm grounding on the basics. By basics we don’t mean ‘unimportant’ or ‘low-level’, in fact quite the contrary. We believe these ‘basics’ are essential elements and the backbone of any strategy development, marketing or otherwise.

Here we’ve put together a framework to get you on the right track. Download our Step By Step Guide to Developing A Digital Strategy here.

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