Collaborate with Cloud Architecture
June 26, 2017

The best teams are built on a foundation of good communication. Whether you’re in Healthcare or Finance, in London and in Singapore, connecting your workforce is key. After all, the digital economy is the knowledge economy. With a Cloud customer architecture in place you could implement a best-in-class collaboration solution that transforms you into a defining, modern workplace.

Social Collaboration Architecture

Implementing a robust enterprise social collaboration architecture can provide your business with a blue print for integration and capabilities requirements that support and enable business operations and social business scenarios. Whatever industry you belong to, enterprise social collaboration solutions, like Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, can be used to align your business initiatives.
Where these solutions really reveal their value is in their ability to create business experiences that connect your broader organisation and boost collaborative work in the context of the business process. With multiple offices across the UK and Ireland, or globally, an integrated social collaboration architecture bridges these divides by connecting your diaspora of human resources in the wider context of your organisation’s business strategy. Once in alignment with business requirements, enterprise social services are integrated in a way that deliver the desired capabilities necessary to achieve your business objectives. In short, achieving goals together regardless of location or time-zone.
To empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more." Microsoft - Mission Statement

An Integrated Digital Experience.

A set of integrated capabilities that provide a personalised, relevant and engaging platform for digital activity and interaction with the End User, form the backbone of a meaningful integrated digital experience. Representing an evolution away from the web portals of yesteryear, integrated solutions now provide multi-channel experiences that furnish users with a comprehensive set of capabilities.

Office 365 Is An Enterprise Social Experience.

With more than 100 million active users, Office 365 is the engine that’s driving collaboration and productivity across the globe. Featuring a universal toolkit that connects your people on an unprecedented level, Office 365 recognises that in recent years the way we work together has changed dramatically, with every team having their own unique operational wants and needs, not least process requirements.
Addressing these continuously shifting business environments, the enterprise model has been designed to accommodate differentials with purpose built applications and features that allow everyone to attend online meetings and contribute to team talks, as well as co-edit and share documents, within the most secure cloud environment.
Add to that two enterprise social options that feed engagement and productivity sky rockets.

Socialise Your Enterprise

Microsoft Teams, a new chat-based workspace provides your people with a hub for team work and projects in real-time. Designed around the fact that employees now work within twice the number of teams as they did 5 years ago, with a fifty percent increase in the amount of time spent in meetings alone (htt1), Microsoft Teams addresses how the way we work has changed. In this dedicated hub for team work, chat, content, people and tools all live together in one familiar interface (Office 365) that empowers a multi-general, geographically distributed, inter-disciplinary workforce.
Yammer is your organisation’s exclusive social network, enabling your workforce to communicate across departments and locations in a broader context. Driving company engagement Yammer works not only as a hang-out, but to facilitate open discussion that inspires a company-wide culture of knowledge exchange, while increasing team efficiencies.
Not into social media but still want to follow the activity of your teams? You have the option to enable SharePoint Newsfeeds instead. Here you can follow people, documents, shared information and tags. 

SharePoint For Content Management and Internets

As well as securely storing, syncing and sharing information through Office 365 apps and OneDrive for Business, SharePoint makes it easy to create groups and access definitions, co-author documents and plans with your teams and clients alike.  The bedrock of intelligent services, SharePoint transforms your business processes by enabling you to harness collective knowledge in a ‘shared with confidence’ environment. Here you can automate repetitive tasks and workflows, while engaging and informing stakeholders both inside and outside your organisation.

8 Reasons To Move Your Enterprise To A Collaboration Solution

  • Scalability – as your team grows and as and when it suits you
  • Control - of your information and your back-end
  • Compliance – ensured end-to-end
  • Costs - Lower operational costs
  • Complexity reduced
  • Time savings
  • Productivity & engagement increased
  • Collective knowledge harnessed and leveraged

With over 17 years’ experience in the business of #SmarterSoftware, Etain are Microsoft Gold Partners. If you’re ready to drive costs down and productivity up with a cloud based collaboration solution we are ready to help. Get in touch using the contact form below to organise your free consultation.

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