Kentico 12 Service Pack News
May 27, 2019

Back in January we told you there was a new Super Hero in town...Kentico 12 no less and all the power of MVC development! We’re back to bring you up to speed on the first ‘Raptor’ service pack and what you can expect come the end of June.

Since the release of Kentico 12 at the end of November 2018, Kentico have been busy gathering valuable feedback from partners and end-users already leveraging the MVC features in Kentico 12. They’ve taken your feedback on board and are planning to release a range of capabilities that will help you leverage Kentico 12 to the max at the end of June 2019.
So, let’s take a look at what this first service pack brings to the arena…

Sample Widgets

We’re starting with the exciting news that sample widgets are on their way!
While having the freedom to create your own MVC widgets is a big plus, there’s no denying that sometimes you just need something ready to roll right out of the box. Apply a little CSS styling and get right to using it – am I right?
The service pack will provide your developers with a range of MVC widgets to help get them up to speed on the Kentico 12 MVC concepts ASAP, and speed up development so you’ll have a set of useable widgets in no time.
Kentico have also announced that they will keep on adding to the sample widgets, so what you get at the end of June is just the beginning!

A/B Testing

A/B testing has long been a steadfast of the EMS edition but the brand new MVC edition of EMS has so far missed out but it’s ready to roll out and by the time you’ve released your first MVC project this summer it will be live and ready to rock.
Come the end of June your marketers and editors will be able to test your website’s content, evaluate engagement and readjust where necessary to give you conversion rates that will make your other KPIs blush.
Your teams will be able to A/B test pages directly using the Page Builder’s intuitive interface, measure the results, select a winning variant, and publish the winner with just one click!

Landing Pages

Every marketer worth their salt knows that being able to roll out a campaign landing page at short notice is essential…but how many of you have to beg, steal and borrow a developer to make that happen?
Marketers, content editors and sales teams know that not every campaign has a long lead time, so there isn’t always months or weeks to prepare let alone find the right resource, with the right technical know-how to build you what you need at short notice. Ever when you do have time to plan, wouldn’t it be nice to get the work done your way?
Every campaign needs an engaging landing page where your offer can be laid out and made so undeniably attractive that they simply have to ‘sign up now’ or ‘get tickets’ before they sell out. Kentico knows that ‘time is money’ so they’ve made it faster and easier than ever to create a landing page and roll it out.  
The Kentico 12 Service Pack is set to make roll out a walk in the park with its easy to use MVC page templates. Your developers will be able to use this functionality to offer you ready to use page templates so you can create your ideal landing page at the drop of a hat. Marketers will have everything they need to load their own saved MVC page template configurations, including access to widgets, so that they can give their campaigns a home in no time.

MVC Selectors

We already love Kentico 12’s Page Builder for it’s drag-and-drop functionality so we’re very excited to see the same intuitive configuration of widgets. At the present time, your developers have to custom write easy ways for your editors to configure the widget for themselves. This typically includes things like how the editor will select media for the widget, specific a particular URL or select an item from the content tree.
The Kentico 12 Service Pack will provide a range of pre-made selectors so your developer can roll out your widgets even faster.

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