What is #SmarterSoftware?
September 28, 2020

Northern Ireland has a thriving reputation as a hub for technical innovation. Businesses want to build their technical acumen and understand what innovation can do for them. To stand out in competitive industries and ensure that spend is targeted and effective, you need to understand why you are implementing technology as well as what and how.

That is why Etain delivers #SmarterSoftware.

#SmarterSoftware is what we do at Etain and how we do it. It’s how we understand your goals and how we use our skills and experience to help you achieve them. We partner with our customers to deliver business solutions and to bring true value to that solution. We don’t just deliver what you ask for; we delve deep to understand your end-user. 
That is #SmarterSoftware in operation.

#SmarterSoftware is about understanding your business, your goals, being curious and, being leaders to create a clear vision of not just what we deliver for you but why. As a senior member of Etain staff, there are several areas beyond my technical skills which are vital to delivering #SmarterSoftware:


We strive to create trusted relationships with our customers so that you feel we are part of the same team; succeeding together.


‘Be Curious’ were the words given to me. At first, my curiosity focused on technology, now I apply a growth mindset to all situations to challenge my thinking and help me achieve my goals. Curiosity might have killed the cat but in today’s world, it is a vital ingredient to innovation and disrupting the norm.


We aspire to be trusted leaders in delivering technology solutions. That does not mean we all wish to be managers, rather it means we take responsibility for each other and the delivery to our customer.

  • We don’t fear failure but rather learn from it.  
  • We are supporting each other to be the best we can.  
  • We challenge each other to not accept the norm.  
  • We hold each other accountable.  
  • We recognise that each of us has different strengths.  
  • We invest in ourselves so that we can invest in others.

People & Culture

The most important element of #SmarterSoftware is the people. Great friendships are forged here at Etain that span both our professional and personal lives. We provide the space and opportunity to learn, which is essential for each of us to develop our full potential and discover our own genius.

In conclusion, #SmarterSoftware is not just the  business solution at the end of the process; but a combination of vision, people, culture and, innovation working together to deliver a continuously better outcome to people’s lives both for our customers and within Etain.

That is why Etain deliver #SmarterSoftware. 

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